Complete netbook guide pt.1

In today’s market sub-notebook or netbook are popular, because of their size,
connectivity and functions. But when you’re looking in buying one seriously, you came
across many different options, many specifications and many manufacturers. As we know, not
always fastest clocked CPU will be in fastest in real life, not always you need to buy computer
with more memory installed by manufacturer, if you can do it simply at home and save big
money. This guide will bring you throuth best netbook deals and tips. So let’s get started.
What is netbook (sub-notebook)?
Netbook is mainly smaller notebook,but it has still all notebook charistics. Size makes it
more portable, but it reduces space for hardware and that means that it will be slower then
netbook, but don’t let it throw you away. Apart from physical differences, netbooks are
meant to do different things then notebook as well. Typical notebook is made as portable
desktop computer. There is gaming, business, professional and designers notebooks, but
netbooks are made for world wide web. They are made to connect you to the web where ever
you are. It’s made for internet, VoIP, blogging and medium light softwares. Thats why
netbooks almost always include webcam, many wireless connections, bluetooth and other
mobile technologies. As matter of fact today’s netbooks are as strong as medium three year
old desktop, so they can run softwares smoothly as well. When Intel came in netbook
category with great Atom N270, they evened cpu power to low end notebook. Also hdd and ram
is on level, and you can buy netbook with 160Gb or even 320Gb and 2Gb ram, and that is very
good. Only component where is netbook isn’t as good is video card or gpu. But it doesn’t
really matter, because even if they find place for dedicated gpu in netbook, it will not be as
powerfull as desktop cards like 4870X2 from ATi or new GTX295 from nVidia, and as matter of
fact those gpu cards are as big as medium netbook it self. So netbook is made for medium software(
excluding graphic softwares), portability, connectivity and web browsing, VoIP and anything
else related to web. One more little thing – netbook doesn’t have CD/DVD rom.

Instead of destop market there you can buy computer with more then 50 different processors
and graphic cards, platform for netbooks are more or less same. Mainly all manufacturers
have switched to Intal Atom N270 (some features new Z series Atom). With that platform comes
integrated vga from Intel as well. So if all standard components are the same, what should
you look for? Lets start with screen size. Most of today’s netbook are 10.2″, and feature 1024×600
screen resolution. Screen is very important component, it’s quality and resolutions is what you
will notice the most. Some manufacturers like HP covers with glass fiber so you can’t
scratch or dent it, it’s very useful, because, netbook will be used in very different
settings, because it’s most mobile computer.
Second very important thing is keyboard, in beginning most of netbooks, had miniature
keyboard, and it was very complicated to write on those netbook. But starting from HP 2133,
some netbooks has 92% of full keyboard, and those are very good for writing.
Battery is hand to hand with mobility and portability. Most of netbooks has 3 cell
batteries and they are made for 2-3 hour use, but there is models with 4 or even 6 cell
batteries. Again let’s look at HP, this time it’s rebuilt 2133 – New 2140. With 6 cell battery
it can work for 6 to 7 hours, and that’s very good.
Connections, is way how you connect to web, so it’s very handy that you’ve got as manny as
possible. Apart from wireless standards look at bluetooth connection as well. Each
connection reduces need for usb adapters or wires, so you can really go mobile.

Pt.2 coming soon. Stay tuned.