Contests: How to Win a Recipe Contest

*1. The first thing that you have to do is… READ THE RULES. I have read a few rules for recipe contests and they differ from other styles of contests. Be sure that you make sure that you follow them to the letter. Just one little mistake and you could be out of contention. Same goes for ingredient requirements. Follow it to the letter.

*2. What appeals to you when you look at a recipe?? What makes it special in your eyes? It might be what will appeal to the judges too! Keep that in mind when you are writing up the instructions.

*3. If possible, try to use ingredients that most people have on hand or can easily obtain. Nothing will turn me off a recipe faster than one that requires a trip to the supermarket with a long list of ingredients that I have to buy.

*4. If a photo of the dish is required, supply the best possible photograph you can. Get yourself a digital camera and start practicing.

*5. If number of servings is stated, be sure that you are able to deliver as required. You might also want to pay attention to the creativity aspect of your recipe. What can you do to make your entry stand out?

6. If you have a recipe that seems to always win rave reviews, try to look for a contest that fits your dish. And don’t be afraid to test, test and test some more. Ask yourself what your favorite chef would do to make the dish just a little bit better?

7. How can you make your dish grab the attention of the judges before they have even tasted your entry?? Simple… make it once, twice and then again and bring your friends into the picture. Feed them and then ask for feedback!

So, there is a few little helpful tips to help you win your next recipe contest. Trust me… what you know can help!!