Contractubex Gel

Contractubex gel

Scars on various parts of the body bother many people and if on the face it can ruin the facial beauty and can be demoralizing. Acne scars had been bothering me for a long time and have wasted lots of money on various acne products but haven’t had the desired result so far. Contractubex gel was introduced by one of my friends and she too had been suffering from acne scars and I could see some positive effects on her face so I too bought a tube of Contractubex gel and started using it regularly.

Contractubex gel is an over the counter medicine so I didn’t have any issues buying it but yes it surely is one of the most expensive acne scar product I ever used. Even though it being an expensive product I was bent on using Contractubex gel as I could see clear results on my friends face. Bought a small tube of Contractubex gel and started using it as instructed by the pharmacist and in about 2 months of using Contractubex gel I was happy to see the acne scar diminishing. I have used about 3 tubes of Contractubex gel and though it took time but can see the effects clearly on my face. The acne scars are hardly visible all thanks to this wonderful acne product.

 Contractubex gel is made up of cepae extract, heparin and allantoin. Having used so many products for treating scars I would say Contractubex gel is a wonderful product to clear any kind of scars.  Cepae extract the active ingredient of the skin product helps to break down the scar tissue and thus helps in diminishing the visibility of the scar over time. Contractubex gel works better on fresh scars but it can be used even with old scars after consultation it your doctor. Some scars are permanent and can’t be treated so why waste money on scar products if it can’t be treated.

I have had a pleasant experience using Contractubex gel and would recommend the product for all those people who would want to do away with any kind of scars on the various parts of the body.