Cosmetic Surgery Choices For Stretch Mark Removal

When it comes to eliminating stretch marks, there are a few lotions that can give a noticeable impact on the way they look. Still, others wish to go one step further and choose surgical removal as a way to ascertain the disappearance of those unsightly marks. There are a few different forms for stretch mark surgery, all of which will be explained within this article.

Why Go for Surgery?

The main cause why people prefer stretch mark surgery is because their stretch marks are quite obtrusive, and they will do anything to enhance their body confidence. Although surgery exemplifies the sole method that can perhaps achieve 100% removal, it still not guaranteed. It might be worth trying out a lotion, like a free trial of Dermology, prior to choosing such drastic procedures.

If you see that traditional techniques aren’t working for you, then there are a a couple of different types of surgery available:

1) Cosmetic Surgery – The Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty

This is a popular cosmetic procedure developed to tighten up the skin over the stomach. Since it works by removing excess skin, this can hide the stretch marks efficiently as well as bringing down excess fat.

The outcome of a tummy tuck aren’t guaranteed, but they can be lasting as long as you keep a healthy lifestyle after the procedure.

2) Coolbeam

Coolbeam treatment is the newest breakthrough when it concerns both new and old stretch marks. What’s done is cooling down of the skin surface, and then aiming a flashing light pulses on the area to get rid of small quantities of skin tissue. The nature of the treatment signifies that it is exceedingly exact, and is capable of targeting  quite specific areas of the body.

3) Laser Surgery

Laser surgery is a fine alternative for those who wish to avoid invasive stretch mark surgery. Regrettably, this procedure is just ideal for new stretch marks that haven’t  turned light yet, because of the way in which the laser targets the skin. Laser surgery does not guarantee to rid you of stretch marks entirely. This can be quite expensive, but can produce exciting results in the right circumstances.