Country Pine Furniture

Country pine furniture denotes the rustic charms of country farmhouses which can be inspired by its heritage or influenced by the cultural background of its artisans. They may be simple and rustic but a person who would be interested in buying country pine furniture should also learn some basic information about this type of furniture in order to get the best deal.

Furniture made from pine tree means it is made of soft wood. Actually, a tree can be determined as hardwood or softwood not by its sturdiness as a tree but by its ability to maintain its year round foliage. Pine trees, which have leaves all year round is softwood and often most favored by woodworkers. It is light in color with prominent grains and typical dark knots. Its workable quality makes country pine furniture as the most affordable and popular wooden furniture.  

When buying country pine furniture, take note of the knots. The darkened knots in the wood are attractive but be wary of too many knots in a single piece of furniture. They can create holes and affect the durability of the furniture. Typical of all woods, country pine furniture has a tendency to warp if exposed to too much heat or dampness.  

To avoid dents and scratches, check if the drawers fit snugly. Their pliant quality can get the country pine furniture out of shape if they maintain a twisted form for a long time. Nevertheless, since pine is a sturdy wood, a well constructed piece of pine woodwork can be expected to last for decades.   

You can get a lot of affordable country pine furniture from different sources. There are local Amish woodworkers who craft custom built country pine furniture in their communities. They charge basically the same as the factory produced lots at better quality and it is possible to haggle for lower prices. 

Big box retail stores like Wal-Mart carry mass produced and unassembled country pine furniture as do-it-yourself products, which can considerably cost less. Although they may require a little patience to put up but really not too difficult if one has a knack for assembling.   

You may also find country pine furniture at yard sales or resale shops and a lot of them are still in good conditions. They can be easily refurbished by stripping them off of their old coating and applying a new finish to make the wood furniture look good as new. 

There are different pieces of functional country pine furniture that provide a homey country style decor in any room of any home. There are well-built entertainment centers, stands and cabinets to provide the contemporary function of accommodating your modern electronic appliances. 

The classic Harvest Table is traditional pine woodcraft made for dining, where meals can be shared by families and friends. Its signature designs are drawers that serve as handy compartments for cutlery, silverware and table napkins. What makes the Harvest Table even more endearing are the expansion leaves on each side, which can be customized to expand from 16-inches to a full length of 104 inches. 

In keeping with the environmental consciousness programs, manufacturers of country pine furniture see to it that non-toxic and harmful chemicals are utilized. It is a way of safeguarding the in-door air against toxic leaches. They also make sure that their suppliers are wood mills that incorporate replant programs. Others derive their wood resources from forest reserves that have dead standing logs suitable for country pine furniture manufacturing.