Crafts For Kids: Let's Go to The Circus

Ah! The Circus!

Most children love the circus. They ask and plead to be taken to the circus when it comes to town. All those acts are so interesting and fascinating: from clowns to acrobats, from tamed lions and tigers to juggling. And then there are peanuts, cotton candy, and other goodies to enjoy.

Let’s take a look at a couple of simple circus theme crafts for children. These activities will keep them entertained as they wait for the next circus to come to town.

Clown Face
This activity is very simple and it is suited for school age children.

Materials needed:

White paper plates






Small foam ball or pom-pom

Large Googly eyes


1. The paper plate is going to be the base for the face. On the plate, draw the mouth of the clown. Color it with markers

2. Draw the background for the eyes and color it. When done, glue the Googly eyes on the background. If you prefer, you may draw the eyes as well.

3. Glue the small foam ball or the pom-pom in the middle of the space between the eyes and the mouth. This will be the nose.

4. Last, but not least, cut several strands of yarn of different length. These will be the hair. When done cutting, glue them to the rim of the plate, right above the eyes.


If you want the paper plate to be the clown mask, instead of gluing or drawing the eyes, make markings where the eyes of the child would be. Then, ask the child draw and color the background of the eyes. Finally, cut out where you marked the space for the eyes.

As last step, with a hole puncher, punch two holes on the side of the mask and connect them with enough elastic to hold the mask on.

Circus Wild Animal Rink
This activity requires a bit more work than the previous one and it is more appropriate for older children.

Materials needed:

A cardboard box-tray (like the one small cans are carried in)

Popsicle sticks

Plastic lions and tigers

Floral wire

Hot glue

Caps from cans

Construction paper



1. Turn the cardboard box-tray face down so that the base of the box is facing you.

2. With the scissors, carefully cut slits, about one inch apart, large enough to fit a Popsicle stick through, but not too large that the stick will fall through.

3. When all the slits are cut, gently insert the Popsicle sticks all around, but leave about a two to three inch opening anywhere along the border. Secure them with a dab of glue.

4. Weave the floral wire between the Popsicle sticks in order to create a grid; you may want to weave a minimum of three strands: one towards the bottom, one in the middle, and the last one towards the top.

5. Create the door to the rink using three to four sticks. Since you will need to be able to open and close that door, you will not insert these sticks into the cardboard.

To make them the same height as the ones that have been placed in the cardboard, mark them where you will need to cut them. Carefully cut off the excess stick and then connect them with floral wire.

You will need to connect the door with floral wire to one of the Popsicle sticks at the opening.

6.  The caps from cans will be the props inside the rink. Use construction paper to cover them, creating a skirt that fans out a little bit. To do so, cut a strip of construction paper as wide as the height of the cap and about two inches longer than the circumference of the cap.

Skirt the strip around the cap, securing it with glue as you go along.

Continue with the other caps until they have all been done.

Take the plastic animals and place then in the rink. Pose them on their prop or next to it. Move them around for a change of scene.