Creating a Popular Blog

  • Find out how many people are interested in topic you are writing to and what are they searching for the most;
  • Find related keywords people are using in your niche;
  • Find out which products and services you can review;
  • Research keywords for post ideas and find out what language are your visitors speaking in;
  • Research which keywords are your competitors using and why they are/are not successful;
  • Research related websites in your niche to market your site;
  • Finally if you do all (or just some of them) of those actions in smart way you will be really successful with search engines!

As you may see just by doing little research you can find out almost everything about market you are interested in, what keywords you should use, which topics people would want to read, which services would be worth reviewing and how big competition is in your niche.

Note those research tool results still are not very accurate, but through comparing keyword results you can get good insight in your niche however.

I would strongly recommend to do keyword research regularly, in the same time using and implementing your observations in titles and keywords. Taking such actions research how successful your keywords are, how appropriate such tool results are and I promise you’ll be just doing better and better in future!