Creating Great Abs

In case you do not realize it a creation of exceptional abs along with shaping is a scientific art.

How many people would not like a six pack abs deal, this has always been one of the most wanted achievements in fitness training. Although it may be the ideal thing to have because it looks so good and everyone wants it, but the reason they do not have it is because it takes so much work. Aside from being just plain desirable and looking good it causes a thick waist to thin down as it strengthens your back and ends back pain. The people who have these wonderful abs like to show them off on the beach or where ever they can. Both in the gym and other health services it is either the most worked on group of muscles or it will be the most ignored. You already know what category you are in. There are several different ways to work on the muscles of the abdomen and there is a scientific way to achieve this result.

The majority of people are much stronger in the upper or middle section of the abdominals in comparison to the lower muscles. For this reason it is suggested that you work on the lower abdominals first since you are fresh and have more get up and go at this time. Strange as this sounds the muscles of the abdominals are going to react and provide the best results that you can visually see only when worked to the point of failure. The failure will happen when the muscle becomes so exhausted that more exercise is at this time impossible. This means what it says not one more additional painful exercise. This is how it should be done all of the time

Some examples for lower abs are as follows:

First a reverse crunch and for this one you can use a slant board. Place your hands so they are holding the bars while keeping your legs in a straight position on the floor. Raising the knees upward to the level of your face. Your bent knees should be in a fetal pose. Very slowly let your butt drop until the board is touched, then the exercise needs to be repeated.

Next we do leg lifts which should be done on a Roman Chair. For starters place the back on the support and then lift the knees to the highest point that you can reach.

Perform your hanging leg raises on the cable machines. On the cable machine hang at the middle bar. This one exercise will get you more results because it starts from the lower abs and is integrated from the lower to the upper abs at the top of the performance. Lift your feet above the waist to where you have your hand hold. Try not to let your body start swinging as this will make you use more muscles in the stomach and have less momentum


Abs Rollers are for the upper part of the abdominals, the results from doing this exercise are fast. In this exercise the utility ball is used and this allows for stretching to the maximum and it hits all of the mid stomach.

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