Creating Groups

Creating Groups

Creating groups organizes the information on your report and allows you to calculate subtotals for each group. For example, you could group by region and then city to organize the information on your report geographically. Or you could group by product line and then by model number. SCR does not limit the number of groups you can have on a report and offers many options for manipulating groups. When you- insert a group on a report, SCR adds Group Header and Footer sections, one set for each group created. These sections allow space for the group name and subtotal fields.

Inserting One or More Groups

When inserting groups on your report, you might find it helpful to do so from the Design tab so that you can see how SCR adds the Group Header and Footer sections to your report. The following section outlines inserting one group on your report and how to change that group if need be. Repeat the same steps to add additional groups at any time while designing a report.

You can insert as many groups on a report as you need using the Insert Group dialog box. Several levels of grouping can organize vast amounts of informa­tion into more manageable pieces. Groups can help you organize summary or drill down reports or enable you to insert a graph or cross-tab for each group. To insert a group into a report, follow these steps: