Credit Cards: Versatile And Convenient Offering of Nedbank

Nedbank Classic

If you earn at least R24 000 on an annual basis then you are eligible for this card. Here you can transfer your debt onto the Nedbank Classic credit card in order to help you save in debt repayments as well as interest. Here you get a detailed monthly statement of your transaction that allows you to monitor all your transactions. You get automatic travel insurance for both local and international travel while purchasing your tickets on credit card. Also there is interest-free credit on purchases, up to 55 days’ and no transaction fees.

Nedbank Gold

If you earn at least R100 000 per month and are above 18, you are eligible for a Nedbank Gold. Here also you can transfer credit card debt held at another financial institution and save on interest. Gold credit card posses more or less all the benefits of a Nedbank Classic credit card but offers you the additional benefit of a minimum limit of R2000.

Nedbank Platinum

If you earn more than R400 000 on a yearly basis, you are eligible. There are special offers and services designed for the person who owns a Nedbank Platinum. Also you can enjoy special benefits and status associated with having a Nedbank Platinum.

There is also a Dezign Student card which you can use as a starter for spending on your desirable things, and payback your repayments over time. It boosts your lifestyle as a student.

Therefore a wide range of options are available in the market that are made to suit your needs.