Cricket Bats & Cricket Equipment

Cricket Bats & cricket equipment

Cricket whites or flannels as they are sometimes referred to are the traditional cricket kit or uniform that is worn by cricketers. These whites used to be worn for all types of cricket matches by professionals and amateurs alike. Those times have changed and so too has cricket, but is this for better or worse?

Cricket and cricket bats of old

Cricket is trying to reinvent itself in the public’s perception of the sport and all that is associated with it. Peoples perception of cricket is days (3 or 5) of two teams which play , with a lot of gaps in-between game play. It is lack of knowledge about the sport that leads to this misconception. Let’s explain how cricket and cricket bats are trying to reinvent itself. 

Short format and fewer formalities.

Short format cricket was first introduced in schools to try and get kids interested in cricket and it did! This short format was referred to as kwik cricket (which uses different types of cricket bats) which only had short overs and didn’t require the use of cricket whites. They then introduced a short format for the public to enjoy and watch and that is 20/20 which is short format where you get so see a lot of 4’s and 6’s due to the aim being less safety play and more go for it approach. Again this format doesn’t require the players to wear cricket whites. Another short format of cricket that doesn’t require the use of cricket whites is one day international. All of these formats of cricket hold the aim of one thing and that is to change perception and make more people fall in love.

Cricket bats and moving on to the proper stuff

 After changing the public’s perception and giving more people an understanding of cricket you can then get them hooked on test cricket which although is longer is interesting if you understand cricket. It is within this test cricket that you are required to wear cricket whites. 

You will fall in love

Whether the players are wearing their cricket whites or non formal uniform, giving cricket a try is a very good decision, you can start with the softer cricket like 20/20 and move on to the harder stuff in you own time, such as test cricket, when you have become addicted and been bitten by the cricket bug!