Crisp Crepes with Chocolate Sprinkles and Cheese


Crisp Crepes with Chocolate Sprinkles and Cheese

Thin crisp crepes are great snacks and can be stored for later consumption. This recipe is a fun, simple way to entertain your kids with homemade snack which are a lot healthier than store bought ones. The secret to keep the crepes crisp is the melted butter you add to the crepes mixture, and the thin consistency of the crepe. Use non-stick pan so the crepe will not stick to your pan.


–         200 g all purpose flour

–         ½ tsp baking powder

–         2 tbsp icing sugar.

–         2 tbsp butter, melted

–         220 ml milk

–         100g grated cheddar cheese

–         2 tbsp chocolate sprinkles, or to your taste


  1. Shift the flour. Add the baking powder and the sugar. Add the milk while stirring until the mixture is evenly mixed.
  2. Beat the egg loosely with the melted butter. Add to the flour mixture and stir with a whisk until the mixture is clear of any lumps. The mixture should not be too thick. It should be thinner than ordinary pancake mixtures.
  3. Heat a nonstick pan with medium heat. Add 1 ladleful of mixture to the pan. Move the pan until the mixture coats the pan thinly and evenly. You can judge if the mixture is thin enough or not. If the mixture coats the pan too slowly, it is too thick, add some water to the batch and mix it again. If the mixture is too thick, the crepe will not be crisp.
  4. Spread the chocolate sprinkle and cheese on half of the crepe. After the crepe is slightly brown, fold the crepe to a triangle and continue to cook until it is golden brown.

Serve hot, or store in a cookie jar for later consumption.