Customizing Your Chart With The Chart Analyzer

Use the Chart Analyzer to customize n chart with many formatting and de­sign options. The Analyzer opens a new tab (next to the Design and Preview tabs) that contains only the chart selected in the Preview tab. This allows you to custom format individual chart instances (if you have one chart per group). Also-, the chart displays almost lull screen, making it easier to see and work with than if it were in the report,

To use the Chart Analyzer:

1. In the Preview tab, select the chart you want to analyze. Right-click and select Chart Analyzer from the shortcut menu; or, select Analyzer, Launch Analyzer. The chart then opens in an Analyzer tab.

2. You can access Analyzer options in two ways. One is to go to the Ana­lyzer menu and choose from the available commands.

You can also right-click anywhere on the chart and choose commands from the shortcut menu.

3. You can choose from many formatting options, allowing you to com­pletely change your chart, or just fine-nine the formatting:

• Zoom In Zooms to get a closer look at a portion of a chart. Click on the chart and drag the mouse pointer to select an area to zoom in. A zoom-out option also becomes available, allowing you to reverse the magnification. Save the data with the report in or­der to save the chart instance that has been zoomed in or out.

•   Apply Changes to AH Charts. The changes you make for the one chart open in the Analyzer only apply to that chart by default.

Use this option to have the changes apply to all charts on the same level of the report.

•   Discard Custom Changes. So you mess up? It doesn’t look the way you want? Discard the changes and start over.

•   Save As Template. Save the changes made as a used-defined tem­plate. You can later base other charts on this template.

•   Format Chart, This command has a submenu of formatting op­tions.

•   Auto-Arrange Chart. This option lets SCR consider your chart and auto-arrange it as best as it can, based on the type and data in the chart.

4. Once you have made any changes in the Analyzer, just close the Ana­lyzer tab or click the Preview tab to preview the chart. Any changes you made automatically apply to the Preview tab.