Dance Central 2 Review 10/10


If you’re looking to have fun by yourself or with friends or if you need a good cardio workout, Dance Central 2 is the answer. I was a big fan of the first iteration. The sequel brings the heat. With new characters, new songs, and the ability to bring back the song from the last game, DC 2 does not disappoint. Although, for guys that are insecure with their manhood, they might be to “cool” to play. But once they’ve got into the fun, it’s hard to quit.

The story mode starts you as a new dancer stepping into the scene. You have to dance with each crew and earn enough stars to unlock the next crew. The dance moves get surprisingly harder as you progress. Depending on the difficulty level, you may find yourself repeating a few songs. The developers of Harmonix noted the learning curve of the first game and added the ability to target specific dance moves. Using your Kinect you can also pause, skip, or rewind dance sequences, simply by voice commands or hand gestures, in order to fine tune your dance moves.

They’ve also increased they number of songs to the library. With artists like Nikki Minaj, Rihanna, and Ceelo Green, you will never go bored. There are also plenty of old school jams from the 80s for the older demographic. The song list is a big improvement from the last installation and it will prove to be enjoyable for the whole family.

Multiplayer is where the game really shines. Two people can dance battle simultaneously, unlike the first game where only one person danced at a time. Players will have the opportunity to surpass the other in a segment that allows you to match curtain moves for an added bonus. It also supports a drop-in/drop-out feature so if you get tired you can easily just sit out and let the other player finish the song. Co-op mode allows players to dance together for a cumulative score.

Dance Central 2 is a game that the whole family can enjoy. It’s a great party game that gets everyone involved. With a great workout mode, you can also have loads of fun dancing by yourself while shedding a few pounds. I hope the next installment allows you to upload your own songs and edit preloaded moves together to create your own dance routine. So until then, we’ll be dancing the night away to this number one dance game.