Dance Salsa For Great Exercise After Age 60

Dancing is a fun and easy way to exercise and stay in shape and salsa is one of the fastest dances but the nice thing about Salsa is it can be done without a partner.  It is also a great way for baby boomers over age 60 to meet new people and get some great exercise.

Ballroom dancing has become popular again over the last few years and many people have turned to Salsa as an alternative.  The dance name “Salsa” supposedly originated in New York but the steps probably developed from a combination of folk dances in Latin and Afro-American countries. In Mexico, salsa is a dance of flirtation. The woman will encourage her partner to come closer and then push him away, all the while moving her hips.  As the dance progresses, more arm movements are introduced.  Eventually, the male will bring his partner into a full embrace as the woman teases and pushes him away once again. 

Children in Mexico are often taught at a very young age to move to the Latin music. They learn the basic salsa steps easily.  The easy count of 1,2,3 pause, 5,6,7 pause in a back and forth or side to side motion is simple to pick up.  Because the music is fast and light, it makes people smile listening to it and before long the feet are moving even without knowing the steps.

Many dance studios now offer beginner salsa lessons.  They encourage single people of all ages to come out and just have fun learning the dance. Even countries without high Latin populations have caught onto the Latin beat. It takes awhile for North Americans to get used to the sexy hip movements. It is a smooth dance where the feet are kept on the floor, rather than a bouncy movement occurring.

There are many exercise benefits to the dance of salsa.  It doesn’t take long to get the heart rate up with the fast beat.  The arm movements quickly firm upper arms and the hip movements are great for slimming down the waist.  Posture is also an important part of the dance.

Many resort areas like Puerto Vallarta and Playa Del Carmen offer lessons for the tourists.  Just google dance lessons to see what is available. The final benefit to taking lessons is the laughter and camaraderie as people of all ages try to learn the steps.