Dare to Risk…

Laughing is good for us, ever been out somewhere, and the people at the next table are having a blast, not afraid to laugh until they feel foolish, or it brings tears to their eyes, and even loud snorts this is a good risk to take.
Crying gets rid of those pent up emotions, and actually clears your thinking.  Ever see someone crying, asking them if everything is okay? Don’t be afraid to cry in public, appearing to be sentimental, weeping just because, you’re allowed, and this is also a good risk to take.
Your alive not dead, don’t swear off new relationships, friendships, or just someone to go to a movie with, or have a nice dinner once in a while. Getting into a new relationship, whether it is a new friend or just reaching out to someone in need, or getting involved with another, is a risk.
We all or most of us have a dream for the future, keeping your dreams inside, won’t expose them to someone who may find them interesting besides yourself.  Don’t be afraid, to tell others you ideas or even exposing your dreams or goals in life, is a risk.
This world we live in tries to keep us down, each day, we are exposed to a cruel world we shy away from life, putting a protective shell around us, and you have to remove it. Living causes pain and sorrow, happiness and pleasure, all a part of living and it is a risk in life.
We do have our own way of dealing with death.  Death is everywhere, we all handle it differently, some need friends in their life, others want to be alone, and some write about lost loves taken by death.  Accepting death and dying as a part of this world is an important risk we have to take.
Accepting you for you is an important first step.  We all need to accept, and believe in ourselves; sometimes it is hard to do.  Believing in yourself is a risk you must take; remember you are your biggest fan.
Once in a life time, a true love crosses your path.  Try to open your heart again, sometimes when loss is present our life we, shy away from new relationship, afraid to fall in love again, to fall in love is a risk; on the same note not being loved in return is also a risk.
We often wonder why did we do that, what was I thinking, going down the path of life, the cross roads are often, deciding to turn left or right is clearly up to you, staying on the straight and narrow is a risk we all take.  Recovering from taking the wrong path or road is also a risk.
Recovery is hard, standing on your own two feet again, getting back out in this crazy world, listening to people ask questions, that you don’t want to answer, can be hard.  Recovering from a loss of a spouse or loved one finding your way again in life is also a risk; this is a risk of survival.
Almost every single thing we encounter in life, love, broken hearts, dreams, and death is a risk, it is up to us to take these risks, seriously it will make you stronger.
There are many definitions for the word risk.    A chance to risk the certainly of little for the chance of much by Samuel Johnson tops my list.
Remembering if you take a risk, you will be set free, so dare to risk.