Dating an Aries: What to Expect in a Relationship With Arians

What might you expect if you are dating an Aries man or woman? How can you reach the Arian’s heart?

Dating an Aries Man

His innate restlessness makes his romantic moods explorative and adventurous. This Mars-ruled man is quick to fall in love but be warned: he gets bored very quickly, too. Aries may boast about his many romantic conquests but he is serious about romance and his ultimate goal is to find the girl of his dreams.

Sometimes there can be the danger of his spoiling things by coming on a bit too strong. Aries gets so carried away by romance and passion he might forget the needs and feelings of his lover. He might make plans with friends and forget he has a date; he doesn’t mean to be selfish he just gets caught up in the mood of the moment and forgets all else!

Physical gratification is important to the Aries and despite the string of broken affairs behind him he is not into one-night stands. Aries is serious about his partnerships while they last.

Dating an Aries Female

The female born under the first sign of the zodiac oozes sex appeal. She won’t wait for love to come to her; her innate impatience impels her to make the first advance in romance. Being a Fire sign, Aries females are happy to take the initiative. Hers is an honest and straightforward approach to love.

She can be insistent, yet there’s a desire, too, to be dominated. Her romantic relationships must contain a balance of both these needs. A shy, lenient and easy-going partner will hold no challenge for her; the Aries female is looking for excitement and animation in her love affairs.

The very nature of her Mars-ruled personality inclines her towards intense and active participation in romance. She doesn’t mind making the first move while she is also quick to respond to her partner’s loving advances.

Problems in her relationships could stem from romantic incompatibility. She is a demanding woman: not for the faint-hearted!

How to Woo and Win an Aries Man

Arians love fun and excitement. He will enjoy new places, new ideas and adventure. Motor racing gets his adrenalin going. His girl needs to show him she too appreciates the fun side of life. Prospective lovers should play hard to get but don’t get carried away.

He doesn’t like games and becomes easily bored. Suggest new restaurants, try him out on new foods and support him in his sporting activities. Don’t ever chase or smother the Aries male. He must be the one who calls the tune.

How to Woo and Win an Aries Female

She loves parties and loud music. She’ll happily dance the night away in a crowded disco. If she is interested in someone, she’ll let him know it! She will find no challenge in a man who watches her with adoring eyes. There has to be some contest otherwise she will just walk away. The man who wants her should keep her guessing; excitement and novel ideas attract her interest.

Getting the Best out of a Relationship with an Aries

After the initial thrill of a new relationship, it takes a lot to keep Aries interested. Both male and female Rams need excitement, variety and experimentation to maintain an active and amusing romantic life.