Day Today Scams

Door to door sales persons are quite common in city life. Every day different kind of sales representatives come to our house and canvassing a lot about their products. Some of them are very adamant and they never move from our place unless we bought a thing from them. It is very hard to believe this kind of sales persons and we must be very careful about them.

Some sales representatives are not from the company, they just misusing the company name and selling some local products and cheat the customers in various ways. This kind of scam sales rep pretends like the real one and show some fake proofs to us and trying their maximum to sell their product. Most of us don’t believe them easily, but after seeing a lot of proof we believe them and bought their thing and regrets a lot after finding they are scams.

We must be very careful with this kind of sales persons, some persons are spying our house for some thing. Better don’t allow this kind of unknown strangers inside your house and always keep them outside of your house and talk with them. Don’t allow him to watch your house fully, as we don’t know who is a real person and who is a scammer, we must be careful for our safety. 

Don’t buy a product from them if you are not interested as well as having doubts with them. Some persons may force us a lot, but don’t believe their fake words and allow them to cheat you. Some real and good sales representatives are also available, but it is hard to find them. Most of the persons are cheating people in the name of sales representatives. We must be careful about this kind of door to door scams who are available in daily manner.

What do you think about this kind of scam persons? Do you ever scammed by this kind of sales representatives? Are you interested in buying things from sales rep? Do you think all sales representatives are genuine and from the company? Share about your views.