Dealing with A.D.H.D.

I was born with A.D.H.D. From the time I could walk I caused my mother panic and pain. She had to go on pills to just make it through the day. Here’s some tips for dealing with your kids that have A.D.H.D.

  1. Don’t ignore them. The most common fact about most kids with A.D.H.D. is that famiy wants nothing to do with them.
  2. Have extreme patience with them. Its not their fault.
  3. If you just found out after years of yelling and screaming at your kids that he or she does intend have A.D.H.D. we understand. Don’t feel sorry for them or anyone else. Just try to make the time you have with them now the best possible.
  4. When I was younger I had the same doctor until I was about sixteen. Since kids with A.D.H.D. don’t like change this would be an awesome idea. Especially if the doctor can be a consellor for your kid. The doctor becomes like another parent.
  5. Find the medicines that work right. Don’t put them on a medicine and not check them periodically. While that sounds horrible and wrong some people do neglect their children. Some parents choose not to do a thing about their child and leave them to struggle through their school years.
  6. In my experience be there for them. This is the biggest part. In school because of how we are kids choose not to associate with them. Whether its because we’re loud or we talk a lot. Be there for your kids and let them know its all right no matter what happens.
  7. Make sure you let them know you love them. They need this the most. They need your love and support. Tell them to do the best they can even if they say they can’t.