Demoralization in IPI: A Waylay Success

This year seems to be the golden age of security in IPI. The company had attained maximum security to the fullest, bringing out battalion of highly-skilled guards tailed with oozing confidence.

Apart from extensive entrance inspection as many would prefer to say, IPI security employs an excruciating scary exit. Robust monitoring on the lockers, time to time “Question and Answer portion” with the guardians and up-to-date implementation of new security measures are just few of apprehending safekeeping moves of the company. However, in all these in-depth individual checks, others are too slipper to escape from safety rules of the company.

In response to this nonconformity, series of meeting were conducted by the middlemen, the executives and the top management. Human Resource and General Affairs teamed up with IT department in view of purging such disobedience. One of the highlights of the discussion is to eradicate the spread of VIRUS in IPI.

In due course, new frisking mechanism was implemented near the locker rooms. Management believed that this step would empower self-discipline in each IPI employees. Grievances coming from different departments in IPI were hoisted after the implementation of new frisking mechanism. Some were in favor, but majority lamented.

Sacred protests supposed that this new security measure is demoralizing. This should not be implemented anymore, for it is becoming another IPI’s redundant activity. In addition, various employees believed that their rights and freedom were battered. Paraphernalia such as cosmetics, foods, personal items, technology gadgets and self-improving stuffs were prohibited and confiscated.

On the other hand, few understand that such activities are utilized in meeting IPI goals and objectives. They view it as another bustle of personal development and motivation that an IPI employee would need. An effort that would persuade them to do their best in any field they may be entwined.

Observers consider alternatives in heightening security in IPI. Instead of tightening belts to IPI employees, they wish to make way for visitors and suppliers’ much rigid analysis. Moreover, they vie for just and fair treatment. They view it as objective equality in all employees in IPI community.

These are just few perceived contentions of some IPI constituents. Now that maximum security at its best confronts us, do we really have Demoralization in IPI or it’s just an undeniable hallucination of the employees in their respective states of mind?