Depression Help – Safe Treatment Through Dream Translation Based on New Scientific Discoveries

Do you remember any one of your dreams? Just one dream at least? You don’t need to remember more than at least one dream of your life in order to start learning what is happening with you and your life. One dream is enough to tell you many things. Imagine now, if you remember more than just one…

If you are depressed you can simply start taking notes of your own dreams and learn how to translate them according to the scientific method discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me, who continued his research discovering more, and giving you clear solutions.

I simplified his complicated method by curing many people through dream translation in a hurry because they had no time, and they had too many dreams to relate me when we would manage to have our weekly meeting. I did it as charity, which means that I was really helping these people as a sister, and I really cared about giving them the right answers, suffering with them, and trying to find fast solutions for them, without delaying so much like Jung, who had many doubts about too many points.

I had to discover the continuation that he didn’t see, and I had to dare disagreeing with his last conclusions, in order to tell you today that the translation of your dreams is simply a passage from images into words. You translate images the same way you translate words, and you can then understand the hidden unconscious messages in your own dreams.

If you see dreams that make you sad, and if you tend to see nightmares, you can understand that the unconscious mind is sending you many warnings, because you need protection.

Your own dreams will make you remember the past and correct all your wrong impressions, besides curing all your traumas. This way, you’ll live better today, without carrying the burden of your old complexes and traumas.

Your dreams are incomprehensible to your conscience because you have an enemy in the wild side of your conscience, the anti-conscience, which would distort the unconscious’ messages to your human conscience if it could understand them. This is why you have to study the dream language.

Your depression will be cured as you understand the unconscious messages and you start changing your attitude, and you understand more about yourself, and the world around you. Your eyes will open, and you’ll feel more alive.

For example, each time that you see yourself in a school in your dream, this means that you are learning the importance of dream translation. The school is the unconscious’ wisdom. This is a positive dream if you are a good student.

Each time that you see something flying in the air in a dream, even if it is not an object that can fly, this means that this object is ruling your life as if it was a god, or it has the importance of a god for you. Be objective, and stop being one-sided.

If you see that there is an flood in the place where you are or in a house you observe, and there is too much water everywhere, this means that you do not believe in the existence of the spirit, and in a deeper meaning of your life. Nothing begins on Earth, and nothing here could end. Your life is an opportunity of transformation.

Most dream messages are warnings, because the unconscious mind is your doctor and your teacher. In other words: a real angel protecting you all the time, from all dangers.

With this constant protection and guidance, you’ll never again feel alone and depressed like now.