Diabetes in Children: The Truth Behind The Disease

Diabetes in children can be a difficult disease to deal with for both the child, and all the family members involved. About one in every 400 to 600 children has diabetes throughout the United States. This is a serious number when thinking about how many children are not able to produce insulin on their own, and need the aid of injections, pumps, or inhalers. The majority of these cases have type one diabetes, although type two is becoming more commonly diagnosed in young people as the rates of obesity increases. The scariest part as a parent with this disease is that it does not have a known cause, and may possibly be caused by environmental catalysts, or a combination of genes. It has a quick onset which may occur at any given time, and there might not be family history of the disease.

Learning how to treat the disease is essential if a child you care for has diabetes. A healthy balanced diet should be in order which contains high fiber and carbohydrates. Depending on the child’s age and weight, the amount of food and carbohydrates they are allowed are determined. Sweet food is no longer off the menu once the child has a balanced insulin level, they can have sweets in moderation with the proper insulin dosage accompanying it. Not only is exercise essential for diabetic children, but it is essential for the proper care in anyone. Having a child with diabetes might produce strain on family life, and doubts within your mind, but with proper care the child can grow to maintain a normal, well balanced lifestyle.