Diabetic Skin Care Help

It’s imperative that people with diabetes take care of their skin so that they don’t end up with infectious because it takes a long time for their infections to heal unlike normal people. If the infection doesn’t disappear, it will turn into a more severe type of infection and it can lead to gangrene and eventually amputation which we all don’t want for patients but many do get to that point. Diabetes is a very complicated disease so one needs to take care of everything in order to prevent further complications. Here are a few tips to help you take care of your skin.

Summer skin

Summer will also have an effect on your skin. You skin will get dry and it will need moisturizer in order to stay soft and intact. The heat will ruin your skin fast. You will need to apply moisturizer to soften the area so that you don’t get a cut there. You can carry a bottle of lotion around to apply to your skin. It’s best to stay inside during the summer as a diabetic and drink plenty of water to keep hydrated so your skin doesn’t crack.

Winter skin

Your skin also gets really dry in the winter. It’s best to apply lotion all over to prevent skin cracks and infections. You can carry a bottle of lotion around with you. It’s best to drink plenty of water to keep skin hydrated so it doesn’t crack.


Lotion is your best friend. You can buy a lotion with high moisture and carry it around with you purse size so you can take care of your skin. They’re cheap but they prevent a lot of skin problems. Vaseline is heavier moisture and you can use it as well on rough area like the feet.


Socks should be worn at all time to keep your skin from braking down. It’s comfortable but will help prevent accidents and cut in people with diabetes. This is very important for those that have nerve problems since they might not feel things that they step on.

Soft footsies

You can wear soft footsies inside the house to prevent crack down of skin. It’ comfortable and also prevent accidents.


It’s imperative that you wear shoes that your skin doesn’t get cut and accidents and it’s more comfortable. Shoes should be worn outside instead of thin rubber sandals where you can get cuts easily with nails and other sharp objects.


You can use a walker to help you walk if you have pain in one foot.

Water exercise

Water exercises prevent foot accidents and lights on your feet.

No barefoot

You should never go barefoot as that will give you plenty of chances to get accidents.


It’s useful to have alcohol around because you can use it to apply on your cuts if you do end up with an accident. This will prevent the spread of bacteria and stop it from growing so that you don’t end up with severe infections. It’s cheap to buy. It’s about a dollar at the dollar store or Walgreen. You can use this or hydrogen peroxide or antibiotic cream to apply to the wound area. You should clean the area first and then apply a little bit of it. You can use bandage or dressing to cover the area so that germs don’t get in.