Difference Between Listening And Hearing

There is a wide difference between the listening and the hearing. 

Listening is said to take place successfully when there is satisfactory execution of both of these stages. Some time miscommunication arises when listening is disturbed due to some factors at the second stage that is decoding and providing the required feedback by the receiver. In other words, if message has been understood in exactly the same terms as were intended by the sender, communication proceeds smoothly and we can say that accurate listening has taken place. However, if due to certain internal or external factors there are discrepencies between the intent of the message sent and the message as perceived or understood, listening is affected and communication becomes ineffective and of no use.

Some of the differences between these two are as under:-  

  1. Listening has must more to do than trying to hear. It is a matching of the mental faculties of the sender and the receiver. Where two minds get common thinking at the same point.
  2. Hearing is perception of all that is being stated in accordance with one’s own frame of reference,Listening , on the other hand, is an accurate perception of all that is being state.
  3. The vital ingredient of good communication, i.e. listening seems to have become a part of the process of hearing. 

We are often confronted during the transmission of any message with queries of the following nature: “Do you hear?” “Do you understand?” The response to this is more in the nature of a nod or a reply in the affirmative, and most of the time there is no endeavour on the part of the receiver to catch the unspoken  beneath the spoken word.Can we conclude that listening and comprehension have really taken pace?

Therefore in order to be successful both in life and business affective listening is absolutely imperative and that should be commensurate with the hearing skill.

Various factors which helps in effective listening

The intelligence of the listener is an important factor that helps or disturb his listening capabilities. Further , his verbal competence also plays a significant role in his communication skill. It is essential that following points should be consider while making an effective listening exercise-

  1. It is an important thing that the person who is sending any information should have the full knowledge and information about the organization climate.
  2. Creation of the interests of the listener is an important point which should be keep in mind while communicating a group of person. If the listener does not take interest, it will not be an effective communication.
  3. It has been so many times that some persons waste their energy and time in a useless way without giving the attention to words the expression of the listeners, which creates some typical situation when the listeners began to leave one by one. It is highly required to adopt some motivation tools while communicating.