Different Types Of Blogs

The word blog is an abbreviation of ‘weblogs’. It is an online journal where any person or business can share information or opinion on any topic at lesser or no costs. These days, blogs are hugely used for online communication for different requirements. Based on purpose, and type of content blogs can be classified into many distinct types. According to Technorati world stats 2008, 79% of total bloggers go for personal blogs, 12% go for corporate blogs, and 46% go for professional blogs.

Different types of blogs
Though there are hundreds of types of blogs online, mainly those can be classified into four types.

•    Personal blogs: Personal blogs is a major category, and many blogs online comes under this category. In these blogs, blogger writes about his personal details, emotions, experiences, reviews irrespective of topics. A personal blog is blogger centric.

•    Corporate blogs: These are the blogs published by an organization to achieve its organizational goals. These blogs facilitate the organizations with proper communication flow, concerning the culture of the organization. Corporate blogs can become private blogs in many cases. Corporate blogs can be maintained for external and internal purpose of organizations. External blogs are for communicating information with public for marketing and branding their products or services. Internal corporate blogs are created for sharing information and views within the organization.

•    Professional blogs: Professional blogs are created to share expertise on certain industry or a subject. Professional blogs are reader centric. These blogs are contrast to personal blogs. Though some blogs that appeal professionally are meant for promotion or to make money, many blog service providers do not allow that kind of activities.

•    Micro blogs: The concept of micro blogging has evolved from the idea to cope up with the latest minutia lifestyles of the people. These blogs have brief text posts or micro media such as photos, audio clips, etc.

However many blogs exists to serve different purposes, they help to know insights on various issues in the world. The above-mentioned information helps to understand blog types to create, maintain, and to get the benefits of blogging.

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