Different Types of Pat Courses That You Might be Interested in

Irrespective of what your background is or the field you are currently engaged in, you can always pursue different types of PAT courses, whether you want to start your own business or save money for your current business by conducting PAT testing yourself. You will be interested to know that there are different ways how you can attend these courses and get a certificate at the end of it. While a few students may conduct distance learning via a DVD, most will complete a formal course done within 1 day.

Not everybody gets the opportunity to attend PAT courses in person. There could obviously be different reasons for it. However, students facing these situations can still enroll in a distance learning program. In most cases, the students are provided with a DVD to help enable them learn the course materials on their own and at their own pace.

Then there are PAT courses that are custom designed for non-electricians. These courses typically last for 1 day. They are suitable for all; you don’t have to have first-hand experience in testing or electrics. There is no substitute for face to face training and this should be your preferred route. If you are an employer and are contemplating enrolling your employees to portable appliance training then these courses can be held at your site anywhere in the UK. After attending the custom designed course your employees can work as in-house PAT testers and thereby helping you reduce costs related to testing electrical appliances. After attending these courses you can save many 1,000’s as you carry out all the procedures yourself, the savings happen year after year and is a great way to comply with your obligations.

For students who wish to make a career in testing. Students will need to attend a full day workshop and it is here they get complete exposure in the electrical appliance training. Different topics covered during these courses include: Classes of construction I, II, III, Practical PAT testing, visual inspection of plug, cable and case, electrical theory related to PAT testing, dealing with surge protected appliances and long extension leads, etc.

Irrespective of the course you wish to join you will be required to demonstrate your competence; you will have to be assed in theoretical and practical competence. Upon completion a certificate will enable you to kick start your PAT testing. To go through different choices in PAT courses you will need to visit: www.pat-training-now.co.ukand see which of them will suit you the best.