Disadvantages/problems in Bringing Technology Into The Classroom

The concept of introducing technology into the classroom is very promising and very unique. We all can imagine the benefits of bringing technology into the classroom. There would be increased student performance, there would be increased computer literacy, there would be more access to reference material and the list can go on and on.

However, there are serious bottlenecks of introducing technology into the classroom and it may take some time for all the problems to be rectified. Without rectifying these problems, it is not possible for technology to fully exploit the potential of students.

First of all, introducing technology into the classroom is an expensive affair. Technology does cost a lot of money and this can be a big problem especially for the educational infrastructure in the developing and third world countries. Even providing enough electricity to power these technologies is a tough problem which these countries have to deal with.

Overuse of laptops by students will make them slowly forget how to write by their hands, which is very dangerous. Children are not supposed to forget to write as writing is one of the earliest skills in education. And forgetting how to write can be a really bad thing.

Another problem of bringing technology into the classroom is the misuse of technology. Technology can be misused easily for destructive purposes. Children may be able to access pornographic material and use it for needs which are other than education.

Further, there is a problem of developing an operating system which can block all the problems and effectively aid the students in their education. Making such an operating system would cost more time, more expertise and more money.

Top results cannot be guaranteed just by providing students and teachers with technology. The use of technology depends on the user and only then are the results determined.

Further, training students and teachers on how to use the technology can also be an issue. Training students and teachers to use and fix the technology also will take time and resources.

From this, we see that there are problems in using technology in the classroom. We must rectify all the problems and bottlenecks before we induct any technology into the classroom.