Disciplining Your Toddler

Toddlers are known to be very curious, and they like to test their boundaries. They often misbehave, and can be very disruptive, and sometimes do dangerous things. When they are in this stage, you must maintain a consistent pattern of disciplining.

When you see your toddler heading for an unacceptable or dangerous object, nicely say “NO” and remove your child from the area or distract him or her with an appropriate activity. Timeouts can be an effective way of disciplining your toddler.

A child who is misbehaving should be told why that behavior is unacceptable. Then take them to a designated area that is only used for timeouts, so they can understand better what is going on. They should only be kept there for a few minutes until they calm down. Then afterwards explain to them why they are in timeout.

The earlier that parents lay down the rule “I set the rules and you are expected to listen”, the better it is for everyone. It’s easier sometimes for parents to ignore bad behavior occasionally but consistency is the effective key for discipline. It is also important for parents to set some ground rules and uphold them. While you are becoming clear on unacceptable behaviors, be sure not to forget to reward good behaviors. This has a positive effect on your child because he or she will see that they are not always misbehaving.

It’s important not to spank your child at any age. Especially when they are small because they might not be able to make the connection between their inappropriate behavior to getting spanked. They will only feel the pain. Besides that lower their self esteem, and it will not teach them anything but violence. Don’t forget that kids learn by watching adults, especially their parents. Make sure to always watch what you do, and also remember you are a role model for your kids.