Discriminated And Sacked: Debrahlee Lorenzana

Attractive Female Banker:

Citybank had recruited Debrahlee Lorenzana for $-70,000/- per annum, for their New York branch, housed in the Chrysler Building as they found her professionally qualified, attractive, smart and fashionably dressed. Now for the very same reasons she finds herself on the streets, sacked! Not exactly though. The actual reason was that her nosey male bosses found her too sexy and hot for comfort. Logically translated it would mean that they feared her quick rise above them professionally because of her slick efficiency, good smart looks, attractiveness, fashion dresses , plus the X-factor. Factually translated it meant that her male bosses lodged secret desires for her, which they did not have the courage to express for fear of scandals.

Glamour-girl Debrahlee:

For the initial interview she had appeared dressed in an Armani Black Wrap Dress and matching Christian Louboutin shoes, looking as impeccable as a Crystal Glass Bank Counter, scattered with Green Dollars at the right places. At 5-ft. 6-in, weighing 125 pounds, she was fashion and glamour rolled together, equally slim and curvaceous. She had the figure to carry Business Suits tailored in style, pencil skirts and any damn fashion apparel available at haute couture outlets. So long she didn’t wear a bikini, hot pants, low-slung jeans or open-neck halters to office, nobody can say she violated any dress code ever. Debrahlee being a gutsy, spunky and brave Puerto Rican has sued Citibank for sexual harassment leading to dismissal, on being found “unfit for the culture of Citibank”. What culture? agriculture? pisciculture? or being just plain fishy? Male bosses frequently pointing to her anatomy and asking her to change this or that dress was the limit anyway.

Other Debrah Options:

1. Erect Cutout Billboards of herself dressed like a super Banker, opposite all Citibank branches in New York with the inscription, “UInfit for Citibank culture, Fit for World culture”. 2. Distribute her autographed photographs, dressed in a Boiler suit, to each bank customer. 3. Go on a holiday with Sarkozy when the present First Lady is away or join a Paris Bank so that the French can get suitably aroused and invade that particular Citibank premises in New York and lock some of those male bosses with antique Chastity Belts. 4. Make a Film in Hollywood, starring Richard Gere as her hero.


Although American Employment laws are totally discriminative and biased against employees, particularly ladies, Debrahlee may be driven up a wall. Already the one-sided Bank rules have come handy and they have thrown out the suit of Debrahlee. With the one-eyed American Justice system, underdogs like Debrah stand no chance against the one open eye favoring the American rich and powerful. Personally I feel she should raise the bogey of racism as she is a Puerto Rican and that has more merits compared to the sexist angle. Of course, the powerful American News media can do miracles if they take up the cudgels for her. Anyway let us hope that this fashionable young lady can take on the might of America and get back her job along with a suitable compensation package.