Do Not Tether Your Dog!


For starters, it is extemely cruel, and possibly deadly.  It is not uncommon for the owner of a tethered dog to come home and find their pet strangled…either because they have wrapped themself around something so tight, or tried to jump a fence.

Plus it can create a behavior that could be dangerous.  It could be something as innocent as a person merely looking at them.  Maybe a woman, although in general, most commonly it is men and/or children, especially boys, that trigger the “CUJO” in them.

Why?  It is quite simple.  Dogs learn by association…good and bad.  Most often it is men and children that will challenge, tease torment or be cruel to a tied dog.  The dog soon learns to defend itself the only way it knows how, since it cannot escape…it bites!

Frequently what happens is, a dog that is kept outside tethered, is often without water or food…because out of sight, out of mind.  Usually they are malnourished, dehydrated and have anti-social behaviors.

In addition, most rescued dogs that have spent the majority of their lives pulling on their dog collar are usually very difficult to obedience train, teach how to walk properly on a leash, and to housebreak.

Caring, thoughtful jurisdictions around the country are seeing more and more situations like that and are now implementing and enforcing anti-tethering laws.  By having laws, it makes it possible to punish the irresponsible dog owner who tethers their dog for hours, or even permanently, with fines and/or imprisonment.

Bottom line: If you have never tethered your dog, don’t start.  If you do tether your dog, STOP!

Dogs are social animals.  They want to be with their pack…that’s you!  If you don’t have the time to spend with your dog, don’t get one.  If you already have one, find a loving home for it, before your dog develops serious behavioral problems that are sometimes impossible to change.

Don’t think just because you have a dog tied up in your backyard, you’re a dog owner.  You aren’t.  You are a collector.  It’s just another thing you “own.”  Collect baseball cards or recipes instead.