Do Sham Wows Really Work?

Unless you don’t own a television set, you have probably seen the Sham Wow commercial with Vince the energetic spokesman for Sham Wow. However, like all infomercials, it’s important to look into the product reviews before buying a product advertised on television.

The Claims

The Sham Wow claims that it can hold 12 times its weight in liquid. It also claims it can soak up any mess ranging from wine stains to pet accidents by just applying a small amount of pressure on the Sham Wow on top of the mess. It’s machine washable and comes with a 10 year warranty, which subsequently is how long the product is advertised to last. 

The Negative Results

Sham Wow reviews have been back and forth since the product arrived on the market. Most negative reviews come from those who were shocked with how much the products cost for shipping and handling. The next biggest complaint came from users who used the product to dry their cars and were dismayed to see that the cloths leave a large amount of residue from the cloth behind. Finally the biggest complaint is from users who washed the Sham Wows In the dryer only to find that the cloth shrunk to wash cloth size, even with following the directions. 

The Positive Results

When used correctly by following the directions, the Sham Wow seems to work ok. Not as amazing as the commercial, but better than a regular cloth. It is important of course to make sure and wet the cloth a little first, as the cloth does not work very well dry. Just wet the cloth, wring it out a couple times and you should be ready to go. It is also important to understand that the cloth can only hold so much liquid. If you still have liquid left over, wring the cloth out and set it back down to keep soaking up the liquid. 

The Conclusion

Sham Wow does not work as good as the commercial states. However, if you follow the included directions for use, you should get at least some use out of the product. Just don’t use it on surfaces that you don’t want lint left behind such as glass showers, windows, or washing your vehicle.