Do You Ever Wonder

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The internet,as useful as it is,this world wide sensation is now part of our modern human life.Millions of people everyday use the internet, from buisnesses to schools.In 200 years life changes to horse back riding to Ferrari`s in Exotic islands.Great improvements since the 1800`s ,not everybody thinks about the years that take to improve technology. Just they know its there an sitting around to see what the future brings,not a big interest.Not all are like this though,in the end most of us rely on the internet for our intelectuall needs.Others can`t run buisnesses without it,in my opinion the internet makes life way easier since its resources help out alot now and then.From comparing prices in one website to playing video games in another.At anytime you can talk to your friend on social networking sites Facebook,Myspace ect.,an this sites dont just connect to our country, its worldwide meaning it will connect you to long distant relatives.With that in mind,you can open another tab to book a flight towards there destination and inform them before hand.In all, we be still be lost without the internet,an it`s universal talents and our power to interact to the internet by selling and buying of the internet.I hope every one else see`s how much we depend on the internet,an not just take it for granted.You don`t realize what you have until it`s gone.My mom always telling me how when she was little she didnt have much money and had to make dolls out of potatos and twigs.Now my sister and herself spend time palying and dressing collection Barbie`s in which they had purchased at low price from the internet. It`s really touching when people can buy childhood memories from online seller`s and reunite to there past.Internet  is what we make out of it,many say its good others bad but in all it`s what we make out of it.Stealing identitys or cyber bullying wanna keep people from using the internet ,its like they all want to achieve is having the internet to themselves.In the bright side theirs this sites like paypal ,etc. that keep your chances of idnetity theft lowand information safe.Noone`s getting there hands on your credit card number or security, but cyber bullying is your will to tell others about whats going on, then and only then is  when you will find the bright future.In this positive side everyone`s ready and willing to lend a hand.The world`s full of good people being covered by not good intentions people just need to seek help. Which many have no problem giving,to that extend internet is what we make of it ,not what others say it is.