Do you have the time

Do you have the time? 

I use to say things like “I want my kids to have everything that I never had” but as I look back what I had is what made me. I use to work unbelievable hours and rarely saw my children. I would pull doubles and maybe get to see them when I had a break. I worked whenever they needed me, just because I wanted my kids to have what I didn’t. I began to miss the little fun things that happened in life. I had a few years where I was only able to see them color Easter eggs through pictures. We opened Christmas presents at four a.m. once just because mom had to go to work. I was to tired to play a game or would fall asleep when I would sit down to watch a movie. On my days off I had to go shopping, do Dr. appointments, and catch up on housework. I realized that I wasn’t giving my kids more than I had I was giving them less. I don’t want to have my children grow up with out being able to remember the fun things. You see though my dad was a great man he worked all the time. I really do not have a lot of fun memories with him. I do have a few but not a lot.

I remember my dad and I, when he had some time off and wasn’t working with his brothers on some project, would walk on the railroad tracks and enjoy nature. He taught me how to skip rocks at the park, but with my dad every moment in life was some form of learning experience. No matter what we did he would teach me something about the surroundings or the whole point to even do it was to learn. He taught me the different types of plants as we picked blackberries. He taught me how to shoot a gun. He taught me how to live and survive. I loved my dad and I am grateful that he did teach me the things that he did.

My memories with my mom were all filled with laughter. We would bake things from sratch and have flour fights, we would watch scarey movies and pop popcorn just so half of it could end up on the floor, we wood burned things that she still has. We took lots of pictures. We had water battles and cake battles. We always did the fun stuff.

As I raised my kids I try to instill both genres of my life into theirs. They have learned some pretty off the wall things from me that they might have thought were unusual at the time, but now as they get older they are glad I taught them, but we do the greatest things together. We play games even if we don’t like them, we play outside, go fishing, bowling, skating, and we have the cake fights they water battles, we do it all. My seventeen year old friends come over sometimes just to play hide and seek with us. These are the things that I almost missed out on because I was so worried about giving them things that i didn’t have. Material things can definitely be replaced, but you will never be able to relive the moment to make a memory and before you know it they are grown and having families of their own.

I almost missed out on the greatest things that I could ever have, my kids. Take time out of your busy schedules and play a game of go fish or hide and seek. Look for some odd little thing to teach your child they will remember it and pass the knowledge on. It’s not to late. Try it just once and see if you don’t find yourself smiling or maybe even laughing.

Much love to all that read this, and remember a moment is only 90 seconds for a lifetime of a memory.