Do you need any help?

Do you need any help with choosing a way to make money online?

With the thousands of online ways to make money on offer it can be quite a daunting step to make when deciding which opportunity will suit you. When making a choice you have to decide what exactly YOU want from it.

There are Traffic Exchanges, Autosurfing programs, Gambling sites, Games sites, Social Networks, Matrix (another name for a pyramid) and many others. Some businesses expect you to sell their products before you make any money. Most of these require you to take out a monthly autoship. This means you have to buy the products every month and sell them and you will get commission from them. Most businesses that sell health products are run on these lines.

Taking out a monthly autoship can be quite expensive and you can end up with lots of stuff that you cannot get rid of unless you use them yourself. Often these products are highly priced and you could easily shop around and find the equivalent much cheaper elsewhere such as e-Bay or even your local shopping mall.

Almost all online businesses expect you to get referrals to maximize your earnings. This is especially so if you have a matrix. Unfortunately, most Matrix (or pyramid) programs fizzle out before they are completed because the required levels to complete them are not filled. Usually, you have to refer three others and each of those have to refer three more and so on until all levels are filled.

Traffic Exchanges are fine if you want to use them to advertise your own business. However, to make any kind of decent money to “fire your boss” they are pretty useless. You will need to click on hundreds of thousands of ads to make any decent income. Most will pay you $0.01 for each click on an advertisement for 10, 15, 20 or even 30 seconds.

The latest craze is Autosurfing. These are also clicking on advertisements but it is done automatically. Unlike traffic exchanges, you don’t have to do any clicking. All you need to do is start the surfing process and leave it. The pay varies depending on the program but most will pay 12% after around 12 or 15 days. You do have to purchase what they call AdPacks, hence the 12% profit you make. The more AdPacks you purchase for around $5 each the more profit you will make. I am personally making small but regular income from these. I call it “pocket money” to keep my AlertPay account balance building up. Once you get your principal outlay back you can reinvest every 15 days or so.

HYIP (High Yield Investment Programs) are extremely risky. Most of these rarely stay around for long and you can lose all your money if you invest in them. Having said that, it is possible to make some good money from them if you are prepared to take a chance. My advice is to choose one that is fairly new as these will stay around longer than those that have been operating for months.

NEVER invest more than you can afford to lose in any HYIP program and never be greedy and choose the long term options. The long term options can lock your money in for the specified period and you will not be able to access it.

Social networks are very useful for advertising your chosen business. Some even pay you to participate in the various programs such as blogs, writing articles, forums and stuff like that. You must abide by the rules if you intend to use them to advertise. Some actually ban any advertising and you can get kicked out.

So far, we have only talked about programs that can bring in a small income. You have seen many ads that tell you that you can earn millions of dollars in no time at all. They say you can fire your boss and live off the income if you join them. Let’s talk about these.

First of all, you must realize that most of these that make such claims are scams. You will lose your money if you invest in these. There is absolutely NO business that can make you millions of dollars in a short while. However, there are some that are genuine and you can make a lot of money. But you will need to work hard at it to make enough money to be able to tell your boss to stick his/her job where it hurts!

Always remember that you are still working for a company when you open an online business. The only exception is if YOU own the business and YOU own the website. That means that you are paying for the domain and hosting. If you own the business and as long as you are paying for the domain, then it will never disappear.

Any online business that does not belong to you can disappear at any time. It doesn’t matter what promises they make or what guarantees they give you, all they have to do is close the website and they are gone with whatever money they may owe you!

Another thing to remember is that you must speculate in order to accumulate when you run a business. This is true whether it is a retail business or any other business. If you have a retail business, you will need stock and have to bear advertising costs. If no stock is involved, then you need to advertise. You can advertise for free but often using solo ads in a safelist or newsletter is much more productive. The cost of a solo ad varies depending on the safelist or newsletter. Be prepared to spend a minimum of two hours a day making your business know wherever you can.

There is a very true saying that every second and every cent spent on advertising pays. The big companies know this and advertise all the time. MacDonalds, Walmart, K-Mart and all the others are household names because of their advertising. You see their adverts everywhere and they capitalize from this.

I have two online businesses that pay me well. The most affordable one is The Private Millionaire. Here is how it works:

This is a genuine business of which YOU will be the owner. 100% of your earnings go to YOU!

Unlike so many online businesses, it will never disappear because YOU own it.

If you sign up now I will show you how to reach 40+ million targeted prospects (No worries about spamming!) that will EXPLODE your business!! Absolutely FREE!!! You can use it for ANY business!

The total cost to start your very own continuous moneymaking business is just $104. A small sum to pay for such a massive money earner! I got all my expenses back within two weeks. You could get it back even faster!

When you join, you pay me, your sponsor, an enrolment fee of $16.00 and receive a business report, “How you Can Become Wealthy Through Trade”

You then pay my sponsor $16 for another report “How Your Computer Can Make You Another Million Dollars While You Enjoy A Vacation”

Just carefully follow the instructions to sign up and set up.

You will have to pay for a domain and hosting as this will be YOUR business. You can set up your own domain and hosting for around $10 a month or let the program set it up for you for a one lifetime payment of $72. This is the best and simplest way of setting up your domain.

That is all you have to pay and in addition you receive 3 other business reports for FREE:

“How You Can Avoid The Wage Slave Trap”

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As you can see by the above, every person you enroll will pay you $16 for the first report because you are their sponsor.

The people that you enroll will go on to enroll people through their website and that is when you will receive $16 payments as their sponsor’s sponsor for the 2nd paid report.

When you have signed up, just send me an email and I will show you how to EXPLODE your business by reaching over 40 million prospects! Use it for ANY business! This alone is worth signing up for!

Another site that is very profitable is:

I mentioned above that I have several autosurf programs that pay me regularly. I will tell you now that I have tried many of these and the ones that are genuine and pay me regularly are the ones that I have kept. If you feel inclined to give them a try, here are the links:

Two sites that you do have to click on ads that have paid me regularly:

Another site that has paid me every ten days for the last few months without me having to do anything more than sign in and invest every ten days is:

I sincerely hope that the information I have given above will be of some assistance to all of you that want to start earning some genuine money online.