Dog Decides To Adopt A Special An Adorable Possum

Dogs have very powerful maternal instincts and in case something happens to their litter of puppies, dogs will be sad. No just that, but the maternal instincts will sometimes make dogs want to take care of other animals who are looking for a mother, even though those animals might be of a different breed. With that said, today we are going to present everyone a beagle who adopted an orphaned possum!

20. Litter Of Puppies

Our story starts when a beagle named Molly gives birth to a litter of puppies. Unfortunately, Molly loses her puppies. We don’t know why but what we know is that Molly had a difficult time without them. Luckily, she met someone who helped her out.

19. Sad Doggy

Molly was sad and she wouldn’t feel like running or doing anything. Her owners were worried and they kept trying to look for different ways to make her happy again. After taking Molly to the park and seeing that she is not running with the other dogs, her owners came up with a rather interesting idea.

18. The Woods

Molly’s owners took her to the nearby woods so that she could relax by herself. Little did the owners know, Molly would make a new friend while running through the woods.

17. Meet The Possum

Molly’s owners were shocked to see that she returned to the backyard with a possum on her back. At first, they thought that Molly couldn’t get rid of the possum. However, something entirely different was happening.

16. Feeling Alone

The little possum that Molly brought back with her from the woods is orphaned. His parents left him to survive on his own and he was feeling alone. Therefore, we think that Molly noticed he is alone and her maternal instincts kicked in and she adopted the possum.

15. Unusual Friendship

Dogs are known for being super friendly, but did you ever expect a Beagle to befriend a wild possum? As unusual as this friendship might be, no one can deny the fact that it’s super cute as well.

14. Piggy Back News

The possum loves nothing more than to ride on Molly’s back as she runs through the backyard. However, he is little and getting on top of Molly is a difficult task for him.

13. Riding Around News

The best thing to come out of this unusual friendship is that Molly is no longer sad. She has someone to care for her and this is all that matters to this friendly doggy.

12. Playing Together News

Molly never has to worry about not having someone to play with because the adorable possum is always there for her. To make things even better, Molly’s owners don’t mind having the possum around the house because they think he is cute.

11. Time Of Need News

From what we can tell, Molly and the possum crossed paths at just the right time. They both needed someone to love them and that walk in the woods that Molly took was when they met. Let’s hope that their friendship lasts forever.

10. Local Star News

As you can surely imagine, Molly is quite the local star. Her owners posted a couple of pictures of her running with the possum on the back they went viral. Everyone shared the pictures on social media and people come to see Molly nearly every day.

9. Making The News News

Molly’s friendship with the possum is so adorable that the friendly dog even made the news. No one could believe that such a strange friendship existed and the CBS news station wanted to come and see for themselves.

8. The Interview News

This picture shows us that Molly is super proud to make the news. We are happy for her because such a friendly dog deserves all the love she can get.

7. Happy Dog

Now that we presented the story about Molly the beagle who befriended a possum, we want to show you a couple more pictures of dogs befriended strange animals. Without any further ado, let’s jump into it.

6. The Hound and The Fox

When have you ever heard about a dog befriended a fox? These two are described as life-long enemies in movies and books but from the looks of it, this is not the case.

5. Hatching Puppies

This is another case of maternal instincts kicking in at the right time. These puppies might not hatch any time soon but they will surely never get cold as long as the mamma chicken is with them.

4. Lion and Dog

Talking about strange friendships, we think that this one between a dog and a lion tops them all! No one is ever going to mess with this dog as long as her big friend is around.

3. Cheetah and Lion

This is the first strange friendship that makes sense to us. The dog and the cheetah have two things in common. They both love to run at fast speeds and they both have long tails.

2. Best Friends For Life

The hilarious thing about this picture is not that an orangutan is best friends with a dog, but that these two are hanging out. They look just like two regular guys hanging out in the park.

1. Molly’s Story News

We hope that you enjoyed reading about Molly’s story and that her friendly attitude inspired you to give everyone a chance, even to those who you don’t think that you are going to get along with.