Dog Is Adopted And Can’t Stop “Thanking” His New Owner On The Ride Home

People who are thinking about getting a dog or a cat should always try and see if they can adopt one instead of buying the pet. Animal shelters are filled with animals who are just looking for a home. Adopting a pet will often prove to be more rewarding than buying a small puppy from the mall because the adopted pet is going to appreciate the good life that you offer it and the pet will be loyal. However, the way a small doggy thanked a woman after she adopted him during the ride home is so heartwarming that it will make your day better.

20. Adopting A Pet

Many people start thinking about what kind of things they should look for whenever they decide to adopt a pet. We are talking about things such as to be cute, to be groomed or to be friendly. However, this is not how you choose a pet from the shelter.

19. The Dog Picks You!

The way everyone chooses to adopt a dog from the shelter is not by looks, but by feeling. There are thousands of people who will tell you that it’s not you who choose the dog, but the dog choose you! Everyone who adopted a dog said that they knew which dog was the one after seeing him for the first time.

18. Awesome Story

With that being said, today we want to present everyone an incredible story about a woman from the US who decided to adopt a stray doggy. What the woman didn’t know is that the dog she picked to adopt would thank her in a very special way.

17. Singing The Papers Dodo

The woman picked this adorable doggy from the shelter and as soon as she signed the papers, the dog started wagging its tail. The dog knew he was going with someone who loved him and that only good things are going to come his way from now on.

16. Scared Doggy Dodo

Unfortunately, the dog that the woman adopted came from an abusive background. He was scared and the woman didn’t know how to befriend him. During the ride home, the woman started talking to the dog and the way he responded brought her to tears.

15. Little Hug Dodo

The woman started talking to the doggy and he put his little paws around her arm. The dog is giving her a hug! He knows that the woman had just saved his life and he wants to show his gratitude.

14. Brought To Tears Dodo

This should come as no surprise, but the powerful emotional moment when the dog placed his paws and head on the woman’s arm brought her to tears. She expected the dog to be afraid of her, but this wasn’t the case. The dog felt safe in her arms.

13. Finally Safe Dodo

As we previously mentioned, the dog comes from an abusive background. We don’t know what happened to him, but if there is something that we can be sure about, then it has to be the fact that the dog is going to be safe from now on.

12. Thanking His New Friend Dodo

It’s like the dog knows that the woman saved his life. He is super happy that someone finally adopted him and he is doing everything he can do thank her. Isn’t that amazing?

11. True Love Dodo

This little doggy deserves all the love in the world and his new owner is surely going to give it to him. Destiny brought these two together and there is no doubt about that. Not just that, but the woman is definitely happy that he decided to adopt this adorable doggy.

10. Hard Life

The dog has lived a hard life until now and luckily, everything is about to change. The dog is going to eat delicious treats every single day and he will be loved.

9. Saving A Life

Seeing how thankful this dog was to be adopted, we hope that many people realize that buying pets is not the way. Adopting them is always the better choice because you will end up saving a life.

8. Brave Dog

The owner says that she was amazed to see how friendly and comfortable the dog is around her. When she first heard that he comes from an abusive background she imagined that he is going to have a difficult time adjusting to his new home. Luckily, this wasn’t the case.

7. New Home

The dog now has a new place that he can call home. The owner promised to give the dog belly rubs every single day so that he feels loved and forgets about the time spent at the shelter.

6. Belly Rubs Dodo

The new dog owner couldn’t wait to get home and she started giving him belly rubs in the car. The dog wagged his tail during the entire drive!

5. Having Fun At The Park Dodo

The woman said that she is going to try and take her new dog to the park so that he can be free and make new friends with the other doggies. The reason why she wants to do so many awesome things for the dog is because knows that living in the shelter wasn’t easy.

4. Good Times Dodo

Good times are coming for this adorable doggy and there’s no doubt about that. Let’s hope that he can make new friends at the park so that he can feel loved everywhere he goes.

3. Going Viral Dodo

The woman who adopted the dog posted the video of him hugging her during the drive back home and just like you would expect it, the video went viral! People on social media were amazed to see how thankful this adorable dog can be.

2. Social Media Dodo

Everyone on Facebook started commenting on the video of the dog with heartwarming comments such as “This has to be the sweetest thing i’ve seen on Facebook” and “Thank you for saving the dog”.

1. Happy End Dodo

Our story has a happy ending but unfortunately, this is not the case for all dogs who make it to the shelter. This is why we are advising everyone once again to adopt and not to purchase pets.