Dog Strollers Are Made For Durability And Fun

Dog strollers are much more commonly used today to take your 10 pound pup to 100 plus canine out on the town. These strollers resemble those used by parents of human children. However, more people are opting to add a canine member to their family, or fill the void left when a grown child leaves home. As this trend grows, so do the options available for pets and people to enjoy more time together.

The places you will be able to take your pup and the duration of your adventure together will increase with the use of a dog stroller. A very young puppy needs attention and constant stimulation to keep out of trouble. However, the young joints and bones are growing and should not be stressed too much during the first six months by excessive running or jumping on hard surfaces. Using a buggy to take your young pup for short walks, followed by longer rides while you walk, can be a great way to tire a wee one and get exercise. Also, if you have a senior dog, or one that is recovering from an injury, using a pet stroller can be a great way to allow him to enjoy the out of doors without putting too much strain on the old or healing body.

Prices for pooch buggies range from low to high depending on design, features, and the size of your dog. Strollers can be purchased at your local pet boutique, big box stores, and on-line. Your choices may be limited at brick and mortar locations, however the benefit here is that you and your pup can test drive one prior to buying. If you do not like it you will not have to deal with return shipping. If you want an almost infinite selection then on-line is your best bet. A search on dog strollers brought up dedicated websites for pet carriers, lists of on-line shops, and nearly 900 listings on a popular auction site.

When selecting a cart to stroll your canine keep in mind a few key needs. Consider the size and weight of your dog. Strollers are built for very small dogs to larger dogs, weighing as much as 150 pounds. If you plan on jogging with your dog on rugged terrain, you’ll want to pick one that has built-in shock absorbers and durable tires that can handle being off-road. There are options that allow you to carry more than one dog at a time, as well as contain them securely with fully enclosed mesh webbing, or clips that secure their leashes. If you are an all-weather traveler, then you will want to purchase a stroller made from waterproof or water and wind resistant fabrics. Some models allow you to have several functions in one, such as pet carrier, car seat, travel crate, as well as the stroller.

Some nice, but not absolutely necessary, features to think about are fashion colors to match your clothing or that visibly describe your dog to those passing by. Cup holders for your coffee or sports drink, as well as cargo decks or pouches to carry treats, jackets and bowls are also useful. Options to seriously consider include those that make your adventure safer. Think about adding flashing led lights, or reflective tape to make you more visible at night.

In theory your pup will absolutely love riding along in a stroller. However, in reality your canine may be a bit afraid at first. You will need to take short walks in the beginning to get your pup used to riding rather than walking. This can be accomplished through training and positive reinforcement. Coax him or her into the stroller with treats or a favorite toy. Once in, praise your pup. Always make this a fun experience and your dog will soon be hopping in all on his own anxious for your next adventure together.

A stroller is a wonderful way for you and your dog to spend more time together. It should not be used as a replacement for necessary exercise through daily walks or access to a safe off-leash area. If used to supplement your pups adventures out of doors, you both will be healthier and happier in the long run.

Pet strollers are easy and convenient for small animals who get too warm when being held but want to be with you. Dog strollers come in all dimensions and sizes for dogs from Great Danes to Chihuahuas.