Doing The Right Thing

Doing the right thing is sometimes not easy, and it takes courage to do it, especially if you know it’s going to upset someone else. The only compensation is, you have a clear conscience, so you won’t lie awake at night worrying about it.

Nobody wants to hear bad news, it is both painful and distressing, and it’s bad enough hearing it yourself, but even worse when you have to tell someone else, and you know it will cause them distress. When my father became old and frail, I did everything I could to keep him feeling happy and positive, but one day that became impossible.

When I received the news that my dearly beloved daughter, his grand daughter of course, had been killed in a car accident, it took me a while to accept it myself. The realisation that he had the right to know too, and I had to tell him, was so distressing to me, as I knew he would be absolutely devastated.

He was 88 years old at the time, and I can’t tell you the extra pain it caused me to tell him. But he may have been frail in body , but he most certainly was not frail in spirit. He gave me his love and support, and this knowledge made him stronger, because he lived for another 5 years after that. His strength of character got me through a very dark time, and I will always remember that and be grateful

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