Dont Damage Your Own Career Path

Believe it or not there are people that actually damage their own careers. They may consciously do it and don’t care or aren’t even aware of the problem or issues that are occurring that are putting their employment and prospects for advancement in the toilet. These are several ways that you can damage or sabotage your career and ways to correct it.

You aren’t the issue, someone else is the issue

This is a time held belief for the ultimate disruption in a career. These are the conspiracy buffs that believe there is always someone out there to get them. Don’t get me wrong there are some paranoid people that are right from time to time. However, these are paranoid and conspiracy nuts that believe there is always someone out to do their careers harm.

Every boss is a butthead and all coworkers are lazy bums that are after their positions. Believe it or not you are the problem. You are the backstabber and the lazy bum that holds you back. It’s not them it’s you.

You always know what is right and have nothing new to learn

Everyone has something new to learn. Regardless if you have been in a position for 10 years, things change. You always have something new to learn. If you aren’t listening and learning you will find yourself out of a job quick, fast and in a hurry. Old school is great, but old school has to eventually meet new school and learn from each other.

Many people that feel they know everything are people that have insecurity and inferiority complexes that they simply cannot overcome. When you have this type of attitude many view you as unapproachable. This is not where you want to be in the workplace.

You deserve something for nothing

What do you deserve and what are you entitled to? Back in the day seniority counted for something and many respected seniority. You did receive a couple of perks for being loyal to the company and giving your all for a number of years. Not anymore. No one is entitled to anything. Everything you receive will have to be earned and worked for. Many times you will work very hard for the smallest things, but in the end it will even out.

Don’t expect something for nothing, it won’t happen and you won’t see anything arise from thin air. Put a fire under your butt and work for a living and you will be rewarded.

Don’t put yourself ahead of the company

Remember the company is not there for you, you are there for your company. Workers that put themselves ahead of the company will be short lived in their profession. The company is the “be all to end all”.

You will get ahead by putting the needs of the company ahead of yourself. Mediocre work will get mediocre raises, promotions and attention. Going above and beyond will reward you above and beyond in your career. Always try to rise above the bar. Once you rise above that bar, set a higher one to rise above. Getting results for the company is what every company wants and notices in their outstanding employees and you will be rewarded for your achievements eventually in one form or another.

There is no easy way to get ahead in your profession. You cannot coast and expect that you will win the lottery and everything that goes along with it in your workplace or career. Hard work, perseverance and constantly improving yourself will go a long way in achieving the successful career you desire.