Don't Miss The Present

Most of the people are worrying about past or planning about the future and forget about the present, and missing their present fun and enjoyment. It is really a great tragedy. But this kind of people are increasing in day by day manner of today’s world. We don’t have the ability to change the past as well as predict the future, only we have the ability to live our present in a good manner. But most of us don’t utilize our present and worry about it in the future.

It is impossible to live in the past and ridiculous to live in the future, only we have the ability to live in the present as well as our present time is a gift from god, so only we are mentioning it as present. Don’t miss your present by thinking about past or future. Time is very precious, if we lost our time, it is impossible to gain it again. Even a second wasted is irrecoverable. So plan your time in a good manner and live your life in useful manner, don’t waste even a single second in your life.

Yesterday is past and tomorrow is future, only today is the present and learn to live in the present to over come from the past and win over the future. Our worries or expectation don’t change anything in our life, so don’t expect a lot as well as don’t worry for your past. Let have a good hope about your future and live your present time and present day in a good manner. 

Our life is in our hand and we have the ability to live it in our favorite way, so select your way and spend your time in an useful manner. Try your maximum to live in the present and enjoy all the fun and enjoyment of your present life, if you started to live in your present, surely your life will be more colorful and with lot of fun and enjoyment than before. Utilize the god’s gift, i.e your present life and achieve a lot of thing by using each and every second in your life with useful attempts. Don’t miss the present and never regret for it in the future.