Don't Write About What You Don't Know

Recently I decided to start up a blog about freelance writing on the internet, specifically for sites like Bukisa, Triond, and Constant Content. I did all of the necessary things to start the blog, I started telling people about it, I created some decent content, I started tweeting my posts, and I began brainstorming future posts. That’s when it hit me.

I had almost no idea what to write about. This could only mean one thing.

I had no idea what I was talking about.

I had never been a freelance writer, in fact I had just started out writing for those same content hosting sites that I purported to know all about. I did not know anything about the topics for which I wrote, I was basically getting along on bullshit. I was writing things based on the works of others, I was searching though freelance blogs and forums for topics to write about, basically I was researching a topic that I was an alleged expert in.

Well the card castle came crashing down around me and I found myself amongst the rubble. I had tried to make and create content for a niche that I had little to no knowledge in, and it was a mistake. I had even disparaged against those who were experts in the field, who had posted things advising against the very thing that I had done.

Take the advice of someone who has tried, and failed, to fake content: It doesn’t work. There are thousands upon thousands of topics to write about in a blog, don’t be fooled into writing for the most popular, or the most profitable. Everybody is an expert in something, and you’re bound to be an expert on a topic that someone is looking for information on.

There’s nothing wrong with blogging for money, but there is a problem with blogging for money without having a passion for what you write about.