Download All Facebook Photos With Useful Facepad


Incidentally cameras used are not privately owned cameras, but you also want to have the photos. Consequently you ask your friend who had a camera to upload pictures into facebook, or maybe your friend is a person who has a quick initiative to immediately possible photos uploaded to facebook, because he cannot stand to display the poses sweetness

Because too engrossed take pictures, do not feel exhausted camera memory alias mostly photos. A little bit ckreeeekk … ckreeeekk … and after hundreds of photos were uploaded!

But by insisting you still want to have all these photos (although not so much different poses for a photo image) to be able to continue how yak take the pictures? What must open one by one and the save as?

wuaaaahh … can stiff clack-click and hold hands yet again added a slow connection rich snail road while carrying barbells.

Want to do the above? Please write if you want to be bothered. If not difficult want to do it this way, the download facebook photo with add-on Mozilla FacePad.

By using FacePad You can download an entire album of photos at once without have to bother opening one by one photo. Than most ado let’s go directly to the how:

1. Download & install FacePad

2. Go into the photo page of the person

3. Right-click on the album (must be on the album is not in one photo)

4. Select “Download Album with FacePad”

Downloading Photos up at the same time

5. Message box will appear, just click

6. Please see download box Mozilla comes out, and wait until finished

7. Right click on the download box Mozilla & select “Open containing folder”

Downloading Photos up at the same time

Congratulations to collect photos, but not the photographs that Ehmm Ehmm yes ..