Dracula vs Twilight

Dracula – The Urban Myth

The mini story

Dracula has always been a subject of horror films, books or scary stories children still whisper by the fire but who is Dracula exactly? Where does he come from ? Is he really a vampire?

Unfortunately less and less people take the time these days to analyse and actually contemplate if the information media is feeding them is in fact accurate and precise. And that is how confusion, myths and legends start. Through rumours and allegations followed by a eye covering long veil of lies.

The facts about the Wallachian Prince and Voivode started to fade into a thick fictional mist covered in marketing, commercialism and simple ignorance. From leaders of a country to blood sucking bats. From national heroes to …Twilight. That is in fact the image created  and designed for the Transylvanian Impaler.

Was he in fact a vampire?  Being born in Romania , I had to deal with this question more than often in its ridicule and absurdity. Do flying pigs exist? Perhaps in the future with the help and innovation of genetics who knows but as far as vampires go. No, dear Twilight fans. There is no handsome corpse going to come through your window at night and suck your neck. It might be a quite fulfilling fantasy for most of you vampiric era fans but the truth is that people need a grip of reality and simply common sense where even knowledge fails. Too much time spent listening other people`s perspectives and opinion and not enough time spent organizing and introducing your own.

Vlad the Impaler was in fact one of Romania`s medieval rulers  with his throne in Transylvania, Vlad became very popular due to his unorthodox methods of killing traitors and thieves. The prince had a very obvious sense of justice and wanted everyone to follow a righteous path and if not follow the boyars and be impaled in public view for everyone to see and capture an imagine of how their inappropriate behaviours would be punished.

He didn`t drink their blood nor ate their flesh, he didn`t transform into a bat and got stuck in someone`s hair nor he wasn`t allergic to garlic or sunlight . Oh and yes most of all. He is not dead and Transylvania is not an independent country but a region in Romania.

My advice is. Whenever something is not 100% in your mind. Research it and then research it again and again. There. Did you have three sources  ? Did all three sources have the same information? If the answer is Yes, Congratulations! You are the lucky winner of the most valuable possession any person with reason could have : Accurate information.