Drawing Manga

Sorry about my english, I’m trying to fix it with google translate :P, and the photos were taken with my cellphone, some are blurred xP…

First of all, we should begin drawing the basic shape of our character …

As you see, I started drawing a circle that would be the head of the character. Then I went on to form the complete body…

After defining the shape of the character, we can erase the guide lines for the character’s body looks less confusing:

after that, we can dress it 😛

to get more quality clothes, more professional clothes, you should try to see the character’s body in a three-dimensional way. So you can make the clothes fits the shape of the character.
One aid is to make cylinders between different parts of the body of the character, so you can see more clearly the volume of each, making three-dimensional representations easier.

Another difficulty drawing the clothes, is to make the wrinkles, because it is difficult to locate them in the right place, and make the right size. The place: the joints, or areas where the clothes hang. size varies with the type of clothes, along the same, so therefore it is easier to define the ideal size of wrinkles, when they have located in the right place.

I also made it’s hair and eyes… 😛

Ok, Now We’ll ink it

after that, we can erase the lines made in graphite pencil…

and finally, fill the picture with lines (wefts) to contrast the shades and tones.

a trick: to make shadows darker, you could mix the lines in different directions, trying to look as regular as possible

It’s Ready! 😛

I hope you’ve enjoyed it!