Dream Dictionary – The Meaning of Dreams And Their Wisdom

All dream symbols are very important. They are the base of the dream language. If we know how to translate at least the basic dream symbols we are able to understand the unconscious intention.

When we translate dreams according to the scientific method we decipher the intention of the dream author: the wise unconscious mind. Therefore we learn many things that we don’t know, observing that this information could not come from our own ignorant mind.

Here is an example of a dream dictionary.

Apple: Wisdom (The dreamer has to be wise)

You’ll see an apple in a dream if you are trying to solve a problem for example, but you are not managing to finally understand how to solve it, and you are insisting on using the wrong methods. The unconscious mind tries to make you wake up. You are near the solution, but you have to go a little bit further.

Your own conscience has to be developed, and this is why the unconscious mind never gives you a ready answer, but helps you find the solution alone. You have to become really wise, without depending on anyone.

Bird – News (The dreamer will have important news about someone or something that will change their daily lives)

The bird is a messenger that will bring good news if it is beautiful and peaceful, but dangerous news or sad news if it is wild and violent.

The bird is a preparation, and helps the dreamer pay attention to the changes that are happening in his or her life.

Car – The dreamer’s life (Depending on the way the dreamer drives his or her car, they drive their own lives)

When the dreamer is the driver of a car, this means that he or she is deciding what to do in life.

If you are driving your car in a dream this is a bad sign, because you are too ignorant in order to decide what is good for you, and do only what is right.

When you are in a taxi and the driver is driving, this means that the divine providence is deciding how the route of your life should be. This has a positive meaning.

If you are not in a taxi but somebody else is driving the car you are in, this means that a certain part of your personality is deciding what you must do in life, and not your entire conscience. This is not a good sign, unless the person who is driving the car has a balanced personality.

Dog – Infidelity (The dog shows the dreamer that they are accepting infidelity in their lives)

Depending on the way the dog appears in a dream, it will reflect the dreamer’s tendency to cheat on their partner, or accept immorality in general terms.

It is a serious warning, because infidelity and immorality lead to craziness and terror. The dog indicates lack of moral principals, while they are a protection for the dreamer. Morality keeps their mental health, while immorality is totally destructive.