Dreaming And Reality- Which One Do We Prefer?

How many people have been transported through time to a place of happiness and love where everything is beautiful and all loved ones are there, to then be jolted back to the present leaving them sad and desolate?

As the taxi stops I am suddenly catapulted back into the past. Here I am in front of the house I was born so many years ago; or was it only yesterday? Time is the only thing that we cannot control, and has the ability to seem eternal or move with the speed of light depending on its mood and today it takes me back without asking my permission; it never does. It is strong and unforgiving, never caring for ones feelings. It just envelopes me and carries me into the past where there is no longer any distinction between reality and idealism.

I look up at the old building focusing on the windows on the third floor. Suddenly I see my grandmother looking out and waving at me. On her lips is the tender smile I so dearly love. I can hear the words she always calls out ‘Come quickly, I have just taken out the biscuits from the oven’. How well she knows me and my love of hot homemade biscuits that cannot be compared to anything sold in supermarkets or anywhere else. She always makes sure there is a batch waiting for me on my return from school.

I jump out of the taxi anxious to run upstairs to the warmth of the house, the embrace of the woman who always makes me feel loved and special regardless of how I look or perform in all my activities; to her I am always her special ‘Rosebud’, the child that can do no wrong.

 But as I am placing my feet on the pavement ‘time’ with its merciless tentacles grabs me and takes control once again and brings me back to the present. There is no one at the window, it is closed tightly and grandmother is no longer there, the house is empty. With a heavy heart I pay the driver………………………