Dress Up Party

Decorations.  I was able to find dress up themed plates, cups, napkins, and tablecloth, but just choosing a colour scheme and decorating simply would work for this party.

Activities.  I bought a trunk of dress up clothes, enough for each of the party guests to be able to put on an outfit for about ten dollars and the kids had fun trying on the outfits and trading.  I also had some costume jewelry and various shoes for them to use and each girl was given a crown and a wand.  I had the kids make their own necklaces by stringing Fruit Loops on string licorice.  This craft activity is one that I have used at many parties and the kids all love it.  It’s easy to do, even for little ones and of course, the edible aspect is one that they enjoy.

Cake.  I made a doll cake, the kind where the cake is the skirt with a Barbie type of doll inside it.  This went well with the theme, but a cake shaped like a shoe or lipstick would also be really cute with the dress up theme.

Extras.  For the parting gifts, I found candy boxes where all the candy was shaped like lipstick, necklaces, bracelets, and rings and gave these out.  Each girl also got to keep her crown, wand, and one of the costume jewelry necklaces.

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