Duck Baby Shower or Baby's First Birthday Party

Cake.  I baked and decorated a 3-D duck cake using the Wilton duck pan.  It turned out really well and with the bright colours, it made a great centrepiece.  I also made simple cupcakes with regular icing but made duck shaped chocolates using a candy mould and topped each cupcake with one.

Decorations.  Decorations are easy with this theme.  Rubber ducks of all sizes are easy to find.  For colours for plates, tablecloths, napkins, and cups, the yellow ducks go well with either blue (for a boy) or pink or white (for a girl).  You can also add a yellow rain slicker and umbrellas to the decor.  For a baby shower, you can enhance the duck theme by also put bath things such as a baby bathtub, bath thermometer, and duck towel as part of the decor.  You could also use a shower curtain as the tablecloth. 

Extras.  For a baby shower, you can make a hat for the mother-to-be to wear out of a yellow rainhat with little rubber duckies hanging off the brim.  For a child’s birthday party, it is easy to find little duck erasers and pencils that can be included in treat bags.  For invitations, cut duck shapes out of yellow cardstock and print a cute message inside.

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