Duet For One: A review

Duet for One is a two hand play by Tom Kempinski, which takes place in a phsycologists room over six sessions between him and his patient, Stephanie Abrahams

Stephanie Abrahams was a celebrated professional concert violinist until she was diagnosed as haveing Multiple Sclerosis, which has left her in a wheelchair.

She starts off being very cynical of both Dr Feldmann and of her need to be there at all;

I wasn’t sure about coming to see you, actually…everyone with this disease must get pretty fed up at times — Stephanie Abrahams

but Dr Feldmann encourages her to talk about how she feels about music and her inability to play it any more, while having a musical husband who’s career continues to flourish.

As the play goes on she becomes more and more depressed and the sessions become increaseingly intense. The discussions range from her feelings about family, her husband, MS and music.

You see, there’s no God, you know, Dr. Feldmann, but I know where they got the idea, they got it from music. . .  Music, Dr. Feldmann, is the purest expression of humanity that there is. — Stephanie Abrahams

The script is beautifully written, and both Juliet Stevenson and Henry Goodman are excellent at bringing out the most of the drama.

It is losely based on the life of Jacqueine Du Pre,  a famous cellist, who’s career was cut tragically short by MS.

It is currently touring England and will be in the west end from the 7th May 2009. I highly recommed that anyone who like powerful emotiional drama go and see it as it is excellent.