Dumortierite : Crystal Meaning

An introduction to the healing and metaphysical properties attributed to dumortierite.

Dumortierite is most commonly a deep blue aluminium boro-silicate mineral, It is commonly used in the manufacture of high quality porcelain. On some occasions it has been incorrectly identified as Sodalite and has been used as faux Lapis Lazuli.It is widely found throughout the world, occurring  in Sri  Lanka, Poland, Russia, Nevada, Madagascar, Brazil, France, Norway and Italy.


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In healing Dumortierites deep blue appearance is exceptionally relaxing and readily slows down over activity. It is used by crystal therapists to calm nausea and has been carried on sea journey’s to prevent sea sickness.

It’s colour also lends itself to assisting in the treatment of throat problems such as tonsillitis and laryngitis. Other uses are, the treatment of heat exhaustion, addiction, anxiety and sun stroke as it is naturally cooling and calming. Dumortierite maintains it’s optimum healing performance if it is rinsed weekly and allowed to dry naturally for two hours or more amongst lead based crystals.

Dumortierite is thought to accentuate mental capabilities, making it the ideal crystal for anyone currently involved in academic studies.It increases memory so that information relevant to the course of learning being undertaken is retained.It allows for scattered thoughts to coalesce.

Dumortierite also assists in meditation and dreams to stimulate rest and recuperation providing natural sedation . Dreams and visions during meditation have been reported as being increasingly vivid when using this crystal.

When placed on the brow chakra, Dumortierite encourages clairvoyance, when placed close to the ear it encourages clairaudience and when placed on the past life chakra further behind the ear it encourages past life retrieval for the purpose of removing past life blockages and karmic burdens.

In conclusion, Dumortierite is an ideal crystal to use in instances where a frenetic or frantic situation needs to be significantly slowed in order for some much needed peace to be introduced.